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332 Boundary Road
North Riding, 2188

Quote Number QUO-0001
Quote Date December 12, 2023
Valid Until December 19, 2023
Total R7,699.96

076 589 6002

Hrs/Qty Service Rate/PriceAdjustSub Total
1 Creating Backup | Entire Data (One-Time)

We'll capture everything—files, databases, settings—prepping for a seamless move to your new hosting.

1 Restoring Backup

We'll effortlessly restore the backup we created. Consider it a stress-free relocation with your digital belongings securely intact.

1 Re-Configuring Email on PC and Mobile Devices

Keep your email experience uninterrupted. We'll guide you through setting up your email on both computer and mobile—a concierge service for your digital mailbox

1. Advance Security / SSL Certificates / DKIM & SPF / DNS Record

Boost your online security! We're adding SSL certificates for secure data transfer and email authentication tools (DKIM & SPF) to fight phishing. Plus, we'll handle any necessary DNS updates to keep everything running smoothly

1 Hosting & Server Change R0.000.00%R0.00
Sub Total R7,699.96
VAT R0.00
Total R7,699.96

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